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Windsor Remedy Centre | Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession concerned with human function and movement and maximising potential.

Physiotherapy is far more than fixing musculo-skeletal sports injuries, although that is perhaps the most common perception of the profession, and certainly the most common reason that patients contact Windsor Remedy Centre for care.

Your physiotherapist will take a detailed history of your condition and thoroughly examine both the immediate site of injury and the whole of your musculo-skeletal system. This ensures that not only is the injury treated, but the underlying imbalances and stresses that have contributed to it are addressed too.

Working together to fully Rehabilitate an Acute Injury

At Windsor Remedy Centre our physiotherapists not only accept their own patients for treatment, but also provide integrated care along with the chiropractors to fully rehabilitate an acute injury. Often a home exercise routine will be prescribed to facilitate the chiropractic treatment already received.

We believe that this integrated care provides the best of both worlds and ensures your optimal recovery and well being.

All of our physiotherapists are experienced members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.

We are delighted and proud to provide NHS funded physiotherapy services to the local GPs. Windsor Remedy Centre was chosen by the doctors to fulfill this important role out of all of the local health clinics. This service is available through GP referral only.

Windsor Physiotherapist, Toosie Bawden

Windsor Physiotherapist, Toosie Bawden

Windsor Physiotherapist, Toosie Bawden

Toosie qualified as a Physiotherapist from the University of Cape Town in 2001 and then spent 3 years working in a private practice in South Africa. There she worked predominantly with musculoskeletal and spinal injuries specialising in Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation. Her love of sports, mainly road running and rugby, and working on sports related injuries made it easier to fit in part time work as the Buffaloes Rugby Club Physiotherapist as well as roadside marathon and courtside squash assistance for the duration of her time there.

Toosie then relocated to the UK where she spent 3 years at a private hospital in London working with orthopaedic inpatients and musculoskeletal outpatients. She has been working in private practices for the past 5 years focussing on specific sports and post-operative rehabilitation. During this time she trained with APPI in both mat work and equipment based Pilates and also was certificated in Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

Toosie loves sports, particularly road running and triathlons. Having completed some marathons and recently entered into the triathlon world, she is passionate about helping patients strive to meet their own goals, be it a 5 km around the block or a Marathon de Sable!

Apart from training, Toosie likes to travel, socialise and try new things. Her motto is “Everything should be tried at least once!” thus the challenges are endless!

Windsor Physiotherapist, Emma Condon

Windsor Physiotherapist, Emma Condon

Windsor Physiotherapist, Emma Condon

I graduated from the University of Limerick with a 2.1 honours Degree in Physiotherapy. I am currently a practicing member of the HCPC and an overseas member of the ISCP.

My areas of interest are sports physiotherapy and musculoskeletal therapy with specific attention to low back pain. During my undergraduate years I completed a research project in the area of low back pain which was recently published in a medical journal.

My previous experience is several years working with mobility clients under a physiotherapist as a HCA. During my undergraduate I have gained years of experience in working in hospitals based in the rep of Ireland areas of practice in Neurology, Respiratory, Mobility, Women’s Health, paediatric, Learning disability, Cardiology and Musculoskeletal.

Since graduation I have been maintaining continued professional development via undertaking courses such as the sports trauma management course and CPR , AED training and online CPD courses. Furthermore, I have been working as a sport therapist in the rep of ireland, working alongside the physiotherapist of the Munster rugby team, working in long term care facilities caring for the elderly and then alongside another physiotherapist leading program specific exercise classes for all types of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.

Treatment beliefs:

I am currently practicing under the Remedy Center in Windsor. This practice holds the view health and fitness are closely interconnected. I believe that preventive health, through all-round fitness, is the future of healthcare and physiotherapy can offer a helping hand to individuals trying to gain their own self efficacy and control over their health. As a result we are currently practicing a new innovative methodology to healthcare.  This is being done by attaining connections with the Castle gym in Windsor where we would look at life long fitness and prevention of injury and in the Remedy Center we would be focused on curing and prevention.  This allows us to offer a unique health service to private and corporate clients.

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